Zag Skis

ZAG is a premium ski brand based in Chamonix, specializing in Touring, Freeride and All-Mountain skis. ZAG conveys: Passion, Authenticity, Responsibility and Commitment to the Environment. Founded in 2002, ZAG has two main drivers: Advanced Technology & Innovative Design.

ZaG Sustainability

Zag skis are invested in reducing the environmental impact of their skis by using bio-based resins, FSC certified wood cores, and recycled edges. Further, cutting down their plastic footprint, they’re implementing cotton bags for shipping, replacing the conventional plastic wrap covering. Along with this they partner with organizations such as 1% for the planet and POW (Protect Our Winters) to run initiatives to lessen their impact. Coast Mountain Collective is proud to offer these sustainable skis to our local communities. Founded in 2002, ZAG’s two main drivers are to advance technology & innovate their designs to create the best riding experience with the lowest possible impact.

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