Because we were convinced that the ideal tent had yet to be imagined, Samaya was created in 2018 with the primary ambition of revolutionizing the 4-season tent. The Nepalese word “SAMAYA” means “the air of time”. It is a reminder of the personal ties that bind the brand’s founders to this mountainous country, its traditions and its values. Samaya perpetuates the tradition of bivouac and roaming with comfort and elegance. Imbued with this heritage, Samaya equipment is designed by and for high-altitude enthusiasts whose standards are proportional to the size of the thousand-year-old mountains they covet.

Following in the footsteps of the pioneers of mountaineering, our core brand is nourished by the demanding practice of mountaineering, with the underlying idea that when it comes to equipment, “who can do more can do less”. This uncompromising positioning is a powerful driving force behind our ever-improving equipment, with innovation at the heart of product development. Guided by its experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Samaya accompanies the world’s best mountaineers and himalayists on their explorations of the most challenging peaks.

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