Lily Dias

Growing up in farm country in South America, Lily knew about playing outdoors and spending hours on end under the sun – but “extreme” outdoor activities were not something she had heard of. Upon arriving in Canada with her family, she immediately became aware of the multitude of possible paths her life could take. Lily embraced that thought – to never restrict herself or her thinking to what she already knows.

During high school in Ontario, Lily was introduced to indoor climbing by classmates. She quickly became friends with the climbing community, due to her friendly-bubbly nature and was climbing outside the moment summer arrived. Growing her intrigue into new outdoor pursuits, Lily began working in the industry as a sales person at MEC while she attended university.

She decided to make her first pilgrimage into the backcountry via a hiking trip in Tuolumne Meadows, kicking things off with a two-day trip in Algonquin to make sure she had all the right gear! After setting off to California on her own and completing a five day hike through the beautiful Grand Canyon of Tuolumne, Lily’s passion for the remote backcountry flourished.

Back home in Ontario, while holding jobs at a climbing gym and a climbing wall manufacturer, Lily found the time to trail run, paddle board, rock climb, snowshoe, ice climb and more.

In 2018 she decided to leave her home in Ontario. After spending 20 days in the mountains in Nepal and climbing her first 6,000m peak – Imja Tse, she set forth on a USA/Mexico road trip. Bouldering in Chattanooga, multi-pitch sport climbing in Potrero Chico, sandstone crack climbing in Indian Creek, and a few others in between, eventually led her to Squamish – her new home and playground.

Lily joined the Coast Mountain Collective team as the guru of all things dealer services and administration.

Her most recent interest is paragliding, which she has started to practice, taking her exploration to new heights!