Jessie McAuley

Jessie is a 20 year old mountain based athlete currently residing in Squamish, BC. Before moving to Squamish at nine years old Jessie Grew up in the small town of McBride, BC. With two parents who worked as a park ranger and avalanche consultant most of his time was spent hiking, skiing, climbing, camping, mountain biking and paddling.

Upon arrival to Squamish Jessie became very involved in competitive mountain bike racing for five or so years before deciding that he enjoyed spending time in the mountains much more and wanted to fully immerse himself in the outdoor world.

In recent years Jessie finds himself primarily Ski mountaineering, Ski-Mo racing, Alpine ice climbing in the winters and running, rock climbing or mountain biking in his summers. Throughout the years he has been involved in the outdoor industry through, work, friends and athletics. This was a perfect Segway to start working with the Coast Mountain Collective team. When Jessie is not out pursuing long days or steep alpine faces in the mountains you can usually find him shipping product out to customers in the warehouse, mounting skis and handling the marketing/creative side of the CMC brand.

Jessie really appreciates the strong sense of family in the outdoor community and how the mountains help you forge deep relationships with your parters through overcoming challenges, accepting failures and through some suffering.

Aside from the outdoor world Jessie is also an aspiring adventure photographer/writer and loves to play the guitar during quiet time at home. Jessie is psyched to continue working with the CMC team into the future and continue growing the mountain community within the Sea To Sky. He enjoys working with CMC for the camaraderie, working with like-minded people, friends and opportunity to use his creative side.