Brian Mills

My early years of the cottage in Haliburton Ontario shaped my love of the outdoors, water and family. The water skiing, paddling, windsurfing and tennis with my aunts and uncles really brought love and passion for these physical activities. Graduating from Durham College Sports Business and having a full-time health club job and running a racquet stringing business during grew my multi-tasking skills at a younger age. Though my Sociology BA at McMaster I learned the larger concepts of life and organizational structures. Even during post secondary my entrepreneurial side grew with my continued stringing business and employment at the Athletics office which provided deeper looks into sports organization.

Communicating details and problem solving have always been an interest, I have combined this with selling sporting goods since the age of 16 and now that I am looking downhill side in my age, I have covered a lot of fun categories. Being
passionate about customer service is key to my success instead of trying to excel in all the sports products I sell. In my sales career I started with racquet sports, added running specialty and with good timing in the last 5 years have added outdoor, alpine and watersports categories to my service portfolio. We all remember our first loves, for me racquet sports and wind sports, I worked in retail at both at a young age and participate in them to this day. In my free time I walk my dog, wind wing on water and snow, take the odd trail run, round of golf or few alpine laps at Blue Mountain when time permits. My racquet sport is squash which has helped maintain cardio and reduce the impact of my love of craft beer