Sam French

Throughout her childhood, Sam was immersed in athletics, from gymnastics to field hockey, alpine skiing and everything between. Upon landing her first job in the ski industry, Sam couldn’t get enough days on snow!

Skiing became a driving passion, allowing her to work in the backcountry whilst coaching and patrolling at local resorts. Finding herself restless in the summer, a friend suggested climbing… A week later she had moved to Canmore!

Sam loves throwing herself in the deep end when trying new things, it’s the quickest way to find out whether or not she loves it. Upon moving to Canmore, Sam found the climbing community to be very welcoming. She loves the problem solving and try-hard aspect of the sport as well as the powerful relationships built. Although Sam started out as a sport climber, she has found a recent interest in alpine ice climbing.

As her family instilled the mentality of live first, work second and love whatever you are doing, Sam finds that she really lives by that mindset and goes out hunting for it. With that ideology, she has gotten her feet wet as a fire-fighter, wilderness first aid instructor, sales staff, climbing gym & AST instructor, etc. Joining the CMC team in 2019, Sam is very excited to have found a position that pushes her to grow at the same time as carrying out her passions. She is stoked to grow roots in this industry and in Canmore!