Ian Middleton

Following years of competitive and organized sport, Ian eventually found a passion for mountain biking. His thirst for seeking the rhythm of a line under his tires, later fostered the same ability while mountain running. As a multi-faceted athlete, adventure racing soon followed, where Ian began to see climbers roped up on rock faces beneath the very ridges he was running. As injury won out over competition, Ian began looking for a pursuit that would still allow physical challenge alongside mental endurance.

Ensuing a few years traveling abroad and a couple close calls at higher altitudes, Ian eventually returned to the West, where he felt a responsibility to further educate himself in the mountains. He spent the next few seasons, immersing himself in the world of climbing. A first trip out in to the Canadian Rockies for some winter climbing, followed by a season of powder skiing and climbing throughout the Japanese Alps, had him yearning for a place where mountains and ocean coexist. A motorcycle trip up North America’s west coast finally landed Ian in Squamish, beneath its beckoning granite monolith.

Climbing has allowed Ian to stay active, remain in the now and connect with real, hearty individuals, while managing injury. He believes it gives great perspective on life, whether it’s the things we take for granted or the areas we still have work to do… climbing keeps you honest and humbles even the most tenacious ego. A passage that sticks with him from the modest Yvon Chouinard reads; “We pursue activities that entail risk” as they “require soul and invite reflection”.  Climbing happens to be one of those activities and is very accessible to many of us in the West.

Ian now thrives to create custom adventures that give perspective and create a lasting desire for others to experience a world away from the rat race. When he’s not working with his team, Ian can be found teaching and leading keen individuals into remote, granite ranges of the Coast & Rocky Mountains, whether on a bike or with a heavy rack of metal. On time off, he still travels the globe in search of the best surf breaks, ice, rock and adventures to be had on two wheels.