Katarina Kuba

Absolute dread, legs heavy, exhausted and overheated. She was so hungry her
stomach was growling. It never occurred to her to drink water and eat on
the hot, sunny day. She didn’t have time to, keeping up to her mentor, friend
and previous Team Canada Skimo member Stano Faban. Now both her skins peeled off on last climb up the gulley, having to carry her skis on her back wallowing in the wet
heavy snow. She was 16 and it was her first ski touring
experience. All she remembers after is having a proper
three hour nap on the couch still in her sweat soaked clothing. She woke up
to learn she now owes her mentor $400 because he bought her used skimo race
skis. 10 years later Katarina is on the Canadian Ski Mountaineering Team
and represented Canada twice at the World Championships. She also set the fastest womans
time up and down Mount Baker. She hopes to further improve her ski mountaineering
skills to experience new traverses and work on other fast projects.