Finn Battersby

Finn is a Competitive Climber from Victoria BC with around 8 years of experience on the Canadian competition circuit primarily focusing on bouldering, as well as a small amount of international competition experience. While his focus is on training to perform in competitions, Finn stays psyched by balancing and integrating climbing with other interests which
include various outdoor pursuits, route-setting and kinesiology studies. Sport has always been central in Finn’s life, and part of his personal vision is to encourage others to become more active, and especially to get out to find their own adventure. Finn would define his climbing style as intuitive and involving a lot of thumb action, in the gym Finn has the most fun on techy comp slabs & coordination, although more recently he has beenĀ  dwelling under the training board.

Throughout Finn’s youth he ran track, XC, road and trail-races, and during this time Finn’s passion for individual sports grew and the experiences shaped who he is as an athlete today. There is one thing Finn has come to appreciate about sport, the way it challenges one to improve themselves and keep an open mind.

There are a few competitive accomplishments that Finn is proud of, and these inform his choice to keep working towards his goals in climbing. Finn’s life has been, and will continue to be fuelled by getting out and pushing himself with friends and family.