Brette Harrington

In the world of rock climbing, Brette Harrington is known to be a high-level all-around climber and a prolific first ascensionist.  From sport climbing at 13+ to alpine climbing and ice climbing, she has established a lengthy list of first ascents in the mountains.  Her story to climbing began in South Lake Tahoe, California, where Brette quickly found her passion for the mountains through skiing and hiking at an early age.  Her family took trips to Yosemite Valley where she was first learnt about rock climbing, but it wasn’t until her high school years that she joined a climbing team.

In 2010 Brette moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and she spent most of her free time rock climbing on the Stawamus Chief in Squamish. Alpine climbing came naturally to her and she quickly gravitated towards climbing bigger and more remote walls.  Brette went on to free climbing on Yosemite’s El Capitan, Great Sail Peak in Baffin Island, and Torre Central in Torres del Paine, Chile. As a climber Brette is known for maintaining a calm head while climbing. As list of her most significant first ascents include:


  • Sound of Silence (M8, WI5, 1100m) Mt. Fay, Alberta — First Ascent, with Ines Papert and Luka Lindic. 2019
  • MA’s Vision (12c), Torre Egger, Patagonia— First ascent, with Quentin Roberts. 2019
  • Shaa Teixi’ (5.11, 1100m) Devils Paw, Alaska — First Ascent, with Gabe Hayden. 2018
  • The Hammer and the Dance (11c R, 700m), Neptuak Mountain, Alberta, Canada— First ascent with Tony Mclane, 2020
  • Life Compass (M5+, 10b, 900m) Mount Blane, Alberta — First Ascent, with Rose Pearson. 2018
  • North Face of Ledge Mountain (M7+ 500m) Squamish, British Columbia— First Winter Ascent, with Marc-André Leclerc. 2018
  • Northwest Turret (13a, A2, 1000m) Great Sail Peak, Baffin Island — First Ascent, with Marc-André Leclerc and Josh Lavigne. 2016
  • Chiaro Di Luna (11a, 750m) Saint Exupéry, Patagonia — First free solo. 2015
  • Auroraphobia (13+, 360m(Waiprous River Valley, Alberta, Canada — First Ascent with Marc-André Leclerc. 2017
  • Grand Illusion (13b/c), Sugarloaf, California — Second female ascent. 2015